In yarn production, blending is a process of combining multiple fibres of different origin, colour, thickness, and length to make blended yarns. Blending is performed before spinning to achieve the desired colors, texture effects, and durability. In the process, the same fibre can be used to some extent for uniform outcomes.

Each fibre has its own characteristics and properties. In the yarn industry, two or more kinds of fibres are blended when a hybrid with different characteristics is required. In addition to elastic recovery, the process of blending offers aesthetic appearance. 

Some Key Fibres, Yarns and Their Characteristics

  • Cotton is soft, easy to crease, and shrinks efficiently
  • Polyester is not soft and does not shrink easily. It resists wrinkling and is easy to wash.
  • Linen is a strong fibre and has tensile strength. Apart from that, it is silky and bright.
  • Rayon is soft and comfortable on the skin. In addition, it blends easily with other fibres. 
  • Wool has excellent absorbency, elasticity, and resiliency. Also, it is a warmer option than many others. 
  • Silk is finer, softer, and smooth.
  • Nylon is strong and elastic. Plus, it is lightweight and with high resilience.

Popular Yarn Blends

Different types of yarns are used to make different cloth types. If you are searching for sustainable certified yarn, Oasis Textiles is the right place to get the product. Here, you can get GRS-certified yarn in the different blends.

Three types of yarns you can get at Oasis Textiles are:

  1. Knitting Yarn
  2. Weaving Yarn
  3. Melange Yarn

Knitting yarn at Oasis Textiles is a recycled yarn type with the lowest carbon footprint. It is available in several colours and blends, including:

  • Cotton Blends
  • Cotton and Polyester
  • Cotton Poly and Viscose
  • Cotton Poly and Wool
  • Cotton and Viscose

Knitting yarn makes an excellent option when you want to make a jersey, fleece, pique, and ribs. At Oasis Textiles, you can get the yarn type in many colours, ranging from 6Ne to 30 Ne. The fibres used by the company are lightweight and of supreme quality that ensures quality and low shrink capacity.

Weaving yarn is a perfect option to make bedsheets, shirtings, and suiting. Oasis Textiles offers recycled weaving yarn in a wide range of colours, including blends from 6Ne to 30Ne. It is made of a blend of cotton and polyester. 

At the company, you can purchase eco-friendly yarns that suit all kinds of weaving projects. The yarn type is created at the company while keeping strength and durability in mind. 

Melange yarn is a high-quality blended yarn product made from a combination of cotton and polyester. Different blends of the yarn type are:

  • Polyester and Viscose
  • Polyester and Cotton
  • Cotton and Viscose

Available in many colours and textures, melange yarn at Oasis Textiles can be used for sweaters, track pants, and hoodies. 

Apart from blended yarn, you can get a non-blended sustainable-certified yarn at the company. In non-blended melange yarn, different types of fibres aren’t used. Here, the same types of fibres are used in different colours to offer an attractive yarn option for your clothing project.

Blended Yarns and Non-Blended Yarns for Your Projects

Whether your requirements or blended yarns or non-blended ones, Oasis Textiles has high-quality products for your needs. Contact us to know more!

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