If you are fond of yarns and knitting, you must be fond of trying different colours. If you have followed knitting techniques for a while, there are some tricks you need to know. Instead of finding different colours in the market, you can learn to dye the yarns by yourself. There are some dyeing tips that you might find interesting, and they may be helpful. Through these tips, you can get the yarns similar to the popular coloured yarns, Tirupur. This article will let you explore various colorways and patterns of hand-dyed yarns and the techniques to achieve them. There are different ways and processes through which you can colour yarns. The most favourite of them is hand painting. The methods in this article will help you achieve distinct colour patterns of knitting yarns like graduated or ombre, variegated or multi-colour, solid, semi-solid, speckled, self-striping yarn.

Yarn Dyeing Supplies You’ll Need

  • White or light coloured yarn
  • Acid dyes
  • Yarn ball winder
  • Cooking pot
  • Plastic cup, spoons, chopsticks
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Stove or Hot plate
  • Dust mask
  • Gloves

The Techniques

1. Solid Dyed Yarn

As you might guess through the name, solid dyed yarn is dyed with one solid colour. The solid yarns we provide at Oasis textiles are dyed keenly. We bring solid coloured yarns , Ludhiana all the way to you. So here is how you can also dye these yarns in one solid colour. The typical technique is to immerse the yarn in the dye. The tricky and a bit challenging part is to dye the whole yarn uniformly. You should move the skein around in the dye pot carefully and take care that your yarn does not felt. 

2. Semi-Solid or Tonal Yarn

Semi-solid is the yarn which is dyed in different shades of the same colour. The strengths of the colour are different. You can achieve it by pouring the liquid dye directly on several parts of soaking yarn and letting the liquid dye to disperse. When the liquid flows from the original spot, it dilutes naturally and lightens the colour. 

3. Gradient or Ombre Yarn

Gradated, Gradient or Ombre yarn is the yarn which is dyed with the single colour from lightest to the darkest shade in order. You can achieve this weaving yarn by using one colour in the entire skein. There are several techniques. One among them is to use mason jars filled with different dye strengths. Soak equal parts of the yarn in all the pots. 

4. Multi-Coloured Dyed Yarn

This yarn is achieved by using various colours. You can dye it in patterns like repeating the stripes of the same colours. You can use the hand painting method, which helps you to have precise control over how you place dye colours. You can also get these kinds of yarns from Oasis, Derabassi. However, if you want to paint the random areas of yarns with different colours, you can use the kettle dyeing method. This method blends the dyes randomly, and the result is surprisingly impressive. For more varieties, you must check out Oasis, Tirupur where you can explore a world of coloured yarns.