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Oasis textiles believes in giving back to the environment, hence we are always looking for ways to become as environment friendly as possible. Our hard work and dedication towards producing sustainable fashion has earned us the GRS certification that speaks volumes about our recyclability efforts. Living up to the standards, we do everything to reduce the harmful impacts of yarn production on the environment without compromising the quality in anyway.


Our vision is to manufacture premium quality yarns in solid colours to cater to the needs of our fashion industry clients around the world. Our idea is to bring sustainability in the textile industry by using the waste produced by clothing manufacturers to produce quality recycled yarns for them. Recycling the waste and matching the ultimate quality standards will always be our motto and we will be living by it till our existence.


Our core values are to make yarn from the fashion industry waste and the PET bottle waste that keep adding up to the landfills and harms the environment. From our manufacturing units to the production process, everything supports low impact blends. We ensure that Oasis never leaves its carbon footprint on the environment and give the blessing of a sustainable environment to the generations to come.


Garment Saved

Pet Waste

Water Savings

Chemical Savings

Less Co2 Emissions

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