Melange Yarn

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We are providing Melange yarns with exclusive colour textures in different blends of fibres to satisfy the customers needs.

Melange yarn

Count Range

Ne 12- Ne 30

Blend Type (Cotton/Polyester)

60/40, 65/35, 70/30, 80/20

Fabric type

Track pants, Hoodies, Sweaters

Recycled Melange Yarn Tirupur

Oasis Textiles is a certified textile company that manufactures the highest quality recycled Melange yarn. Melange yarn is made by using different coloured fibres to obtain yarn of various shades. The ratio of fibres can be changed to make each spun Melange yarn unique.

According to the definition, at least two fibres are combined to produce the yarn. The term Melange is used for yarns that are produced by combining two fibres. The fibres used in the blend can be different or fibres can be the same but with different colours. When it comes to Melange cotton yarn, a yarn produced by combining dyed and raw white cotton or dyed fibres is a Melange yarn. A combination of 1% dyed cotton and 99% raw white cotton is Melange yarn. There are two basic types of Melange yarn:

  1. Non-blended melange yarn
  2. Blended melange yarn

Blended Melange Yarn

This type of yarn is made by blending/mixing different fibres together in a fixed ratio. Polyester :Viscose – 80:20, Polyester: Cotton – 50:50, Cotton :Viscose – 60:40 etc are the examples of blended Melange yarn.

Non-Blended Melange Yarn

Non-blended Melange yarn does not use fibres of different types. It uses the same type of fibres but in different colours. The blend of more than one dyed yarns of 100% cotton is an example of non-blended melange yarn.

We use recycled fibres to make Grey Melange Yarn and other coloured melange yarn in Tirupur. We use the latest technology for Melange yarn dyeing process. Our technology is highly technical in terms of mixed textile, colour matching and fibre dyes of multiple fibres. In addition to using recycled fibres, we use eco-friendly technologies and practices. We dye the fibre before spinning. This does not only save energy but also reduces emission. We make sure that our business contributes to environmental protection. We can dye one single yarn with multiple colours. This allows us to add rich colours, tenderness and slenderness to Melange yarn. Our recycled Melange yarn is the best for fashion. You can use our yarn in different types of warp and weft knitting machines such as winding machine and V-bed knitting machines. Melange yarn is one of the finest yarns for casual wear, underwear textile, shirts, sportswear, socks, business suites, and all types of sports clothing products. You can use our Melange yarn for making decorative fabrics, towels and a range of home fabrics products.

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