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The Textile and Fashion industry always works hand-in-hand. Both the industries play a big role in the economy of our country, and that is why India ranks among the top 10 exporters of textiles and apparels worldwide. Indian textile and fashion industry makes up for 15% of the total international export earnings, thereby making it a market with high profits. This clearly indicates that our country has a plethora of manufacturers in the domain, producing enough material to meet the requirements of our own market and those overseas. While these figures are attractive and promising for the people in this domain and the country alike, there are a few concerns that need attention.

Textile and fashion industry waste is increasing at an alarming rate, which will have a significant impact on our environment. While the textile export market from India is increasing rapidly, so are the carbon footprints of the mills which will harm the environment even more. Thus, Oasis Textiles has taken the initiative to work in co-ordination with our fashion industry clients to take a step towards Sustainable Fashion! Our Circularity program is an initiative to give our bit towards the environment by using the waste produced by the fashion industry and turn it into quality recycled yarn.

Let’s understand the cycle better.

About the Circularity Program

Oasis works on manufacturing premium quality recycled yarn by using PET bottle waste and the waste clippings from garment manufacturers. Through our Circularity Program, we invite leading garment manufacturers from around the world to help us in closing the loop by enabling us to use your fabric waste and recycle it back into quality yarns. This way, we can eliminate the waste from getting accumulated in the landfills. These quality yarns can in turn be used to produce garments which can be accepted again by fashion brands. This approach makes us more environment conscious, and will also promote transparency in the supply chain as everything from the raw material to the final clothing article will be traceable.

We believe together we can change things for better and make the textile and fashion industry truly sustainable and environment-friendly.

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