Did you know that the textile industry contributes as a major part in the country’s GDP? Did you also know that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry? Do you know how sustainable fashion can help? In this article today, we will clear the air about how textile industry in India can actually curb its carbon footprint.

Landfill Waste Due to Clothing

Not only does producing clothing require tons of energy, water, and other resources, but it also results in tons of harmful waste. It’s estimated that textiles make up for 5% of landfill space in the world. That means the average individual throws away more than 80 pounds of clothing every year!

According to the most recent EPA statistics, more than 16 million tons of textile waste got created in 2017. Of this total, 11 million tons ended up in landfills instead of being recycled or reused. While food trash takes only a few hours or days to decompose, clothing can sit in landfills for years. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, lycra, and nylon can take 30 to 40 years to break down fully.

Sustainable Fashion or Circularity is the Solution

Clothing and other textiles can be recycled and used for a variety of other purposes, from carpet to home insulation to getting the new fabric made. It doesn’t matter if the clothing has rips or tears — it can almost always be converted into something else. Because textiles do not degrade easily, they should not be disposed of in the garbage

There are plenty of companies that are a part of the circularity program which takes the clothing waste and use it for manufacturing purposes. One can donate their clothing waste for this generous cause and contribute towards environment safety. Moreover, the garment manufacturing companies that have huge amount of clothing rags can also get in touch with these firms and give their textile waste to them rather than burdening the landfills.

Small Step Big Change

Change usually takes only small steps by mass. As responsible citizens, each one of the consumers should appreciate the brands that focus on sustainable fashion and opt for the circularity programs or relevant moves. How can you do so? Look for brands that are active in this move and prefer to make a purchase from them. These simple things can make big difference and the industry that contributes a lot in the GDP can actually minimize its carbon footprint on the environment.

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