Sustainable Yarns

In this ever-evolving era, “Slow Fashion” has become a popular point of discussion in the textile industry. It is also becoming a heated topic because of the need of sustainability in fashion. The yarn manufacturers in India have started taking it seriously and are already adapting to ways to support sustainable fashion.

Textile industry serves large clientele and the ever-rising populations. Moreover, as the world population is rising at a fast pace, the demand is expected to increase. Unfortunately, this has also led to the Textile industry becoming the third-most pollution-causing industry. It contributes nearly 10% of the world’s total carbon emissions and 1/5th of the global water pollution. It is a matter of concern and a mandatory responsibility of yarn manufacturers in India to curb it. Considering this, scientists and textile manufacturers in India and overseas have invented and modified numerous options which can be labelled as “Sustainable Yarns”.

So what exactly is a “Sustainable Yarn”?

If a yarn has been manufactured in compliance with the environment, keeping the economy in balance, you can call it sustainable. Sustainable yarns never deplete the earth’s resources or leave any carbon footprints. These yarns get manufactured through recycling. It is easy for you to identify if your attire is made from sustainable yarns. You just have to check for these certifications.

Oasis Textiles understands the responsibility of textile manufacturers and has achieved all the accreditations that prove the sustainability of our yarns. You should also become a responsible buyer and keep putting efforts to identify the details of every clothing piece you wear.

Textile industry have realised the significance of sustainable fabrics and have already starting making efforts to save our planet. Oasis Textiles is among the responsible textile manufacturers of India who practise sustainable manufacturing and offer wide variety, ensuring the customer demands never get compromised. Understand that change comes when society changes together and support the change in every action. We pledge to bring the change, you as buyer should promise to support the change.

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