In the current times, the use of recycled materials is crucial. Virtually, no other sector is quite as advanced in being environmentally friendly as it is in case of the manufacture of man-made fibres. Compared to using new plastics, using recycled materials and turning pet bottles into yarn can cause a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, valuable raw material resources such as oil get preserved, and the total amount of waste at dumps also gets reduced.
The fabric made of PET fibre is basically polypropylene. Factually, it is ten times stronger than a regular polyester fabric. But to weave or knit yarn made out of PET bottles needs heavy machines, and these days almost every yarn manufacturer in India is stepping into this. The primary objective of this practice is to make yarn and fabric from plastic bottles.

Turning Pet Bottles into Yarn Process

Step1: PET bottles get sorted from other recyclable plastics, such as PVC and HDPE. It is because pet flakes are most valuable when it is in their purest form.
Step2: The collected plastic is washed in a sterilizing bath. After this, the clean containers are dried and crushed into tiny flakes.
Step3: These flakes become the raw material for new products and get used after another round of sterilization to ensure the production of safe yarn.
Step4: For light yarn, the flakes from light-coloured bottles get bleached. On the other hand, flakes from darker bottles get used for yarn that will be dyed a dark colour. The flakes are melted in a machine and forced through spinnerets to produce fibres.
Step5: This fibre then travels to the fabric manufacturers, and they use it to produce premium quality clothing pieces.
This process of turning pet bottles into yarn is highly recommended and reliable. Following it, the yarn manufacturers in India are rubbing off their carbon footprint on the environment. Additionally, they produce sustainable yarn and reducing landfill deposition by using otherwise useless pet bottles. If the statistics are to believe, 1 ton (2000) lbs of plastic bottles recycled save 3.8 barrels of oil. Thus, this is also an effective way to save natural resources from getting depleted.
Hence, it is the duty of a fabric manufacturer to associate with yarn manufacturers in India who turn pet bottles into yarn. This way, they can contribute to making the environment apt for the survival of the coming generations.

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